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>Calvin’s Shrimp


I named this pattern after my son; this little gem is deadly for summer and autumn fish.


Oval Gold tag

Tail: Short bunch of red arctic runner, red angel hair, long orange arctic runner, orange angel hair and magenta arctic runner as a splash of colour on top.

Body: Red seal’s fur with yellow litebrite blended through it and a UTC Mirage rib- small on hooks med on doubles

Wing: Orange fox, JC

Hackle: Orange cock, with red badger over.

Head: UTC 70 Fl Fire Orange thread

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My lifelong passion for Salmon Flies has inspired me to design a number of highly successful patterns, including the famous Park Shrimp, Calvin's Shrimp and Mairi's Shrimp. These patterns have been catching fish regularly throughout Scotland, Ireland, Norway and Russia.

My fly tying business is a cottage industry and I am sure you understand that the demand for my flies is such that there is a waiting time between ordering and delivery. Please take this into consideration when ordering your Macdonald Salmon Flies. As my returning customers will tell you, these flies are worth waiting for.

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